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Dead On Shooting Range

Project Story


Dead On Shooting Range was our most recent commercial project that started May 2017, with some very unique features. Located off Highway 2 in Cloquet, Dead On features 10 indoor shooting stalls, 3000 square feet, a custom air filtering system for gunpowder to help prevent lead being breathed in, plenty of guns to rent – including a 50 caliber, ammunition, and a great time. Our whole team went to celebrate the completion of this project with some fun.

As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with a large lobby area, with plenty of products. We had made custom wall units to hold all of the gun selections, and a large glass case to contain the smaller pistols, and featured guns. As you enter the shooting range, it is two doors with that are pressurized to help contain the gunpowder. One section has 5 long-range stalls with 3 feet of recycled rubber backed with two 1 inch steel plates, and through double doors, a second set of 5.

Now, not everyone is a professional with shooting, so they included a classroom. This room is large and separate from the lobby so you can learn about gun safety, how to properly handle one, and other various classes they hold. Overall, this project was one to remember and unique in so many ways!

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