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Jeannette Kitchen Remodel

Project Story

The goal of the Jeannette kitchen renovation was to create a space that focuses on bringing their family together. Previously only 1, maybe 2 people, could fit in the kitchen to prep food. With the new design, the Jeannette’s can get everybody in the kitchen and there is even a place where the kids can sit and do their home work.


“The attention to detail during design and construction that J&R Sundberg does is incredible. Their engineering background allows them to trouble shoot and fix things as they come up during construction”, said home owner Jeremy Jeannette. “That peace of mind is great. They don’t have to contract with someone else to figure out the problem.”


Having a plan in place and sticking to a schedule is the key to success when remodeling a home. “J&R Sundberg finished on time! Six weeks? I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never heard of a kitchen that gets done in six weeks. But they finished in six weeks. It was wonderful!” stated Karen Jeannette.

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