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Lake Superior Custom New Home

Project Story

This unique, modern home provides a calm, relaxing environment while maximizing views to Lake Superior. The home, designed by Wagner Zaun Architecture, will be extremely energy efficient. For example, large glass areas mitigated with the use of tri-pane, fiberglass windows. The flat roof assembly contains tapered rigid insulation with an average R value of 62. The thermally robust walls are a hybrid pairing of a 2×6 bearing wall with dense pack cellulose and 4” exterior nail base (SIP) panels for a combined R value of 36.

The custom home will have LED lighting throughout and will be heated via a high efficiency condensing boiler with in-floor heat on the main level and European style panel radiators on the 2nd level.

Other design features include a custom steel staircase and a “swiss army” entry storage, TV and fireplace room divider.

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