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When putting your remodel dreams into building plans, it’s best to work with an experienced design team and contractor.  J&R Sundberg Construction makes the process of remodeling easy with the use of 3-D design software. This addition to our design-build process helps the client visualize the space which makes the process easy, fun and more efficient. 

Here are 3 advantages to using 3-D modeling for remodels:

1. Accurate Space Plan
3-D modeling software allows the client and designer a clear, accurate view of what a completed remodel will look like. It’s an easy way to visualize space requirements for a remodel from all perspectives, which is not possible in 2-D plans. 

2. Easier Approval Process
The client and the design team can visualize the end design which can lead to a faster approval process of the design and layout of the remodel. Having a picture of how a bathroom remodel or kitchen renovation will look before construction begins allows for a more accurate plan.

3. Communication
3-D models are a communication tool that is easy to understand by the client and the design build contractor. Ideas offered by clients for the new remodeled space can be incorporated into the 3-D design software fairly quickly. This makes it easier for the client to communicate their ideas, which ultimately helps the client achieve their dream!