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Home Remodels & Renovations

The Power of
Perfect Detail

You’ve done the dreaming.
Let us build on those ideas and design something extraordinary.

J&R Sundberg Construction is a design-build and home remodel firm that prides itself on the relationships created with clients. Our experienced team and interior designer plans and designs your kitchen and bath remodel with 3-D software, allowing you to see exactly what your new space will look like, including cabinetry, flooring and wall finish selections. We pursue innovative methods offering our own custom cabinets with a wide variety of options and guide you through the entire process for a stress free, fun remodel experience! Most home renovations and remodels can be designed and constructed within 6 weeks or less!

Design-Build Kitchen & Bath Remodel Process

Remodeling a home with J&R Sundberg Construction is truly a one stop shop experience. Our design and construction team will listen to your dreams and help you budget, plan, design, select finish products and cabinetry and build a custom home remodel. Whether you have a floor plan started or need assistance creating one, we can help! As an added bonus, our interior designer will assist with finish selections. After all, it’s the details that truly make a house a home. Call us today for a free in-home consultation!


1. Free In-Home Consultation – Define Project Scope

  • Discuss your dreams and preliminary project
  • Develop a J&R Sundberg home project wish list

2.  Establish a Budget

  • Accurate, quick budget & scope within 10% of cost

  • Move forward with design agreement and begin project design


 3. Plan & Design with Detail

  • Take measurements of your home

  • Develop preliminary plans & prepare 3-D design of space

  • Fine tune the J&R Sundberg home project wish list to include desired finishes

  • Finalize drawings


4. Sign intent to
Build Agreement

  • Establish hard pricing for the project

  • Finalize the build agreement

  • Secure permits

  • Develop project schedule

  • Connect to J&R Sundberg’s virtual project management software


 5. Construction

  • Select interior finishes & products with J&R’s interior designer including J&R Sundberg’’s custom cabinetry
  • Stress free selections process through careful planning
  • Materials are ordered and construction begins!
  • Communicate through J&R Sundberg’s virtual project management software
  • On-site coordination, scheduling, supervision and technical review

6. Completion

  • Final walk through with client for 100% client satisfaction
  • Final inspection and punch lists
  • Client satisfaction & J&R performance survey
  • One Year Workmanship Warranty

Home Remodel Gallery

Kitchen Remodel for Vicky and Scott

"J&R Sundberg Construction made the process of remodeling our kitchen so easy! They drew out the design in 3-D and we were able to make adjustments. Changing the kitchen opened up the whole house. This is something that we dreamed about for a long time and it turn out just like we wanted it too.... and better!

Jeannette Family - Kitchen Remodel

"J&R Sundberg finished our kitchen remodel on time! Six weeks? We couldn't believe it. I've never heard of a kitchen that gets done in six weeks. But they finished and it was wonderful."

Shane Stolp - Kitchen & First Floor Remodel

"J&R Sundberg figured out who we are and what we wanted the end product to be and designed and built the kitchen and main floor accordingly. We had a plan in mind and they made it better - it was done right"