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Stolp Main Floor & Kitchen Remodel

Project Story

The Stolp family had worked with J&R Sundberg Construction to complete several small projects. When they decided to renovate the first floor of their home to update the living area and kitchen, they knew that this was a job for J&R. This project was really important to the Stolp’s. They came to J&R Sundberg with a plan for the remodel, which they had done themselves. After consulting with J&R, plan changed – for the best!


“J&R figured out who we are and what we wanted the main floor and kitchen remodel to be and designed it accordingly, ” stated homeowner Shane Stolp. “We had a totally different plan. Then, Ray Sundberg walked in and said “You should to do it like this.” And he was right! When we moved back in after the renovation was complete… we thought, yes, this is right!”

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