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Our company was founded in 1994 with brothers Jim & Ray (hence the name J&R) started and steadily grew in the Duluth and surrounding area with a commitment to only producing excellent remodels and additions that clients were completely happy with. Also, the commitment to details and communication are paramount to ensure successful outcomes.

Our goal is certainly to continually improve our own and trade partner’s existence. It can only be achieved by our client’s positive experience resultant due to improved living conditions with our help. We can achieve this by increasing the robustness of the company through consistency but, also by pushing innovation & diversity. By pursuing avenues we are familiar with an eye for continual improvement – this allows for us to be mentally engaged to promote the advancement of superior performing systems and products, which the client will enjoy the benefit of. Done at a deliberate rate, seeking an excellent outcome, we may serve more and more clients who appreciate energy efficiency, lower operating costs and quality consistent with happy and healthy lives – whether it be in remodeled or new living space.

Watch our video here to learn more about our process, and how you are kept in the process for every step, and every change in your home!